Local and State Taxes

Below is a summary of the Ad Valorem Property Taxes and Sales Taxes in our jurisdiction.

Local and State Incentives

The City of Aubrey provides comprehensive incentives to retain and attract desired businesses on a case‐by‐case basis. The policies related to incentives are administered through the Department of Economic Development. Following are brief overviews of the current policies and links to download the policies and their related applications.

We highly recommend that you contact the Aubrey MDD Executive Director to discuss your proposed project to evaluate the best approach to resolving your needs.

Incentives Policy

The Incentives Policy describes the terms and conditions under which the City will consider incentives. It also describes the administrative processes and approvals necessary for granting incentives. Following are example incentives that may be considered. The incentives policy information is HERE.

  • Ad Valorem taxes / Sales tax grants
  • Fee reductions / Employment assistance

Property Enhancement Policy

The City has also adopted a Property Enhancement Policy which provides matching grants to property owners and / or businesses who desire to enhance commercial properties. Contact the MDD Executive Director with any questions and to get an application. Examples of improvements that may be eligible for this matching grant include:

  • Façade Grant
  • Signage
  • Lighting

Aubrey MDD Grants

The Aubrey MDD has grant assistance for businesses in the city limit and the ETJ. The Targeted Improvement Grant is designed to help businesses with building project expenses on the interior and exterior of the building. The grant information is HERE. The grant application is HERE.

State of Texas Incentives

The State of Texas offers an aggressive array of incentives that might assist you in a Texas location. The MDD Board would make every effort to assist you in obtaining the  appropriate incentives from State officials. For more information find it HERE.

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